I am a computer science senior at Worcester State University who is currently working as a hardware engineering co-op at EMC Corporation in Hopkinton, MA. I have experience with Java and C, as well as Javascript and SQL, among other technologies. Some of my interests include cloud computing, neural networks, Linux system administration and open source software.

What I Do

One of the projects I'm involved with is MAGE, a multiplayer gaming client for Magic: The Gathering with automatic rules enforcement. I implement new cards and test to make sure they work well with the rules. I also work as a software developer on Apprendis LLC's InqITS physical science modeling program where I write and improve QUnit test cases as well as design engines that control the math behind our experiment models.


Who I Am

I am a quick learner who loves solving problems. I enjoy learning new things and teaching them to others. I believe very strongly in the principles of open source software and have a passion for creating well-made things. I am happy contributing to anything that people will find useful. I am also interested in photography, vinyl records, and repairing arcade games.


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